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Motor Carrier Authority

One Hour Authority offers quick and reliable service to customers securing Operating authority.  Increase your earnings today and gain the independence you have been looking for as a Professional....
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Freight Broker Authority

If you want to know how to become a Broker and obtain freight broker authority One Hour Authority can help by sending you information of pricing and how to become a Broker or what you need to obtain your Broker ...
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hot Shot and car hauler

Be part of the fast growing Hot Shot segment of the trucking industry. If you want to start your own trucking company with a pick-up truck, cargo van or straight truck One Hour Authority can provide all of the permits
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Motor Coach Authority

Obtaining your Motor Coach or Bus authority to transport passengers requires special attention- One Hour Authority can guide you in the application process and providing a complete package ...
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DOT Number

In some states, all registrants of commercial motor vehicles, even intrastate and non-Motor Carrier registrants, are required to obtain a USDOT Number as a necessary condition for commercial vehicle registration.
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Additional Services

Intrastate Authority

Intrastate commerce is trade, traffic, or transportation within a single State. If you operate exclusively in intrastate commerce , you must comply with applicable State and local regulations. Some states require that the carrier register as an intrastate carrier....

Permits and -IFTA, IRP

Kentucky, New York, New Mexico and Oregon require additional permits to operate in interstate commerce. One Hour Authority offers packages to apply for those permits as well as IRP (International Registration Plan)) and IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement, your plates)...

Safety and Compliance

The FleetWatchâ„¢ Program will keep you current with safety, compliance and critical FMCSA regulations. Designed to help you run your business effectively. Our goal is to reduce Liability by providing education, industry experience and the resources to keep current....


Whether you are an industry veteran or a new company, you are certain to feel financial pressure at times. When the "money crunch" hits you, we know the way! ....

Insurance and Bonds

One Hour Authority can help new carriers and broker obtain the required liability insurance for carriers or the surety bond requirements for brokers...

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